Getting Drunk

These are some (possibly overly-fiddly) drinking rules I (Tim Knight) came up with about four years ago, but with only a slight tweaking I reckon the math now works with the Heroes & Other Worlds rules:

  • Every character has an Alcohol Rating (AL) equal to his ST over three (i.e. ST 9 = AL 3)
  • Every two units he drinks (one pint of beer/mead; one-and-a-half glasses of wine; or two shots of spirits = two units) he rolls a cumulative d6 (e.g. after one pint roll 1d6, after two pints roll 2d6, after three pints 3d6 etc).
  • If the number of dice scoring over (or equal to) his AL is more than the number scoring under his AL, then his Intoxication Level increases by one (it starts at zero, of course).
  • If three or more die come up “sixes”, the character must make a 3/ST save vs poison (with the modifier below) or feel nauseous and vomit in 1d6-1 rounds.
  • Every Level of Intoxication causes a -1 penalty on all die rolls (skill checks, attack rolls, damage etc)
  • At the DM’s discretion the player can choose what type of drunk his character is or he can be made to roll on the table below (which is a lot more fun):

(2) Sullen
(3) Inappropriately romantic
(4) “You’re my bestest mate ever”
(5) Wants to go exploring right now…
(6) Angry
(7) Loud
(8) Sobbing
(9) Introspective
(10) Silly
(11) Happy
(12) Dreamy

When Intoxication Level = AL the character must 3/ST save versus poison (not including the penalty above) or pass out for (3d6 x 10) minutes. If he stays on his feet, must make a save every time his Intoxication Level increases.

Getting Drunk

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