Hello all,

My name is Todd Roll and I have been a lurker on this list for about a
year now. I have been a fan of TFT since 1981 when I bought Advanced
Melee and Death Test.

I have a request and I am not sure if this is acceptable or not, so if it
is not just let me know.

Could someone post a list of the handicaps for TFT as printed in the Space
Gamer? I don’t want full descriptions, just the name of the handicap (ie
Blind, Missing leg, Clumsy) I don’t think this will be a problem with
copyright, but not being an expert in that field I don’t know for
sure. Again if I am out of line for requesting this just let me know.

Thank you,


This does not sound like a fair use violation. Dont worry — someone will
correct me if I’m wrong!

There are a few of these that I have added myself. If that bothers you let
me know and I’ll identify them…

Acrophobia (-2)
Alcoholic (-2)
Animal (-3)
Asthma (-3)
Blind (-4)
Breakdancing/Buffoonery (-1)
Butterfingers (-4)
Choleric (-3)
Claustrophobic (-4)
Cowardly (-3)
Cuteness (-2)
Denseness (-1)
Drowning (-1)
Dyslexia (-1)
Eunuch (-2)
Fat (-Variable)
Groveling (-2)
Gullible (-1)
Hard Of Hearing (-1)
Hemophiliac (-4)
Homosexual (-1)
Insect Followers (-1)
Jerk (-1)
Kleptomaniac (-3)
Klutz (-1)
Lame (-2)
Laziness (-2)
Light Sensitivity (-Variable)
Loudmouth (-1)
Migraines (-2)
Milksop (-1)
Miserly (-1)
Moronic (-4)
Narcolepsy (-2)
Nearsighted (-2)
Neurotic (-Variable)
Noise (-1)
Odious (-2)
Old (-Variable)
One-Armed (-3)
One-Legged (-3)
One-Track Mind (-3)
Over-Sexed (-2)
Pacifist (-4)
Pigeon (-1)
Reputation (-2)
Rheumatic Fever (-4)
Rube Goldberg Mind (-3)
Slob (-1)
Squeamishness (-3)
Stumbling/Noisy (-1)
Stuttering (-4)
Victim (-1)
Watch Traps (-1)
Wimp (-1)


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