Roscoe Tosscobble

Halfling Restaurateur


NAME: Roscoe Tosscobble
Concept: Traveling Halfling Restaurateur
Class: Adventurer

STATS: (10 pts)
ST: 7
DX: 12 12
IQ: 13
EN: 10

• Charm (3/IQ+2) – Influence/control another person.
• Dagger/Knife (3/DX+3) – Bonus to attack when using daggers and knives. For every 2 in skill bonus, the Hero can make 1 additional attack per turn.
• Craftsman [Brewer] (3/DX
3) – Choose a focus like carpenter, farmer, fishermen, mason, smith, etc.
• Merchant (3/IQ+2)- Buy/sell, haggle over goods, benefits you 10% x Skill Level.
• Professional Skill [Chef/Cook] (3/IQ+4) – Must specify a job such as armorer, mason, carpenter, etc. You are skilled in that profession and add your bonus to tests of your professional ability.
• Physicker (3/IQ+1) – Heal a person once per day, 1ST or 2EN is healed per skill level.
• Throw (3/DX+1*) – Bonus to attack when throwing knives, rocks, darts etc.

  • see Halfling racial bonus below

+1DX to thrown weapon attacks
Requires 4/IQ test to spot Roscoe when he’s hiding.


Kitchen Knifes / Dagger (1d6+2) ENC: 0.5
Peasants Clothes.
Backpack, Leather
Belt pouches (x2)
Apron, Canvas
Recipe Book ( which he guards with as much care and than a wizard does his Spell book)

Caravan/Restaurant “Roscoe’s Traveling Food Emporium”
• Pots & Pans
• Built in Oven/ Stove / griddle contraption.
• Larder (Fruits, Vegetables, Breads, & Meat
• Herbs and Spices
• Harriet (Draft Horse)
• Crockery, And Utensils


Roscoe always was a rather enterprising, and unusual Halfling, his granny always said to anybody that would listen that Roscoe wasn’t meant for a ordinary life, but then again even though people constantly sought out Granny Tosscobble’s help when they, or their animals, took a bad turn , they always thought he old lady was a little “touched in the head” and paid her little mind in these matters.

Roscoe comes from a long line of Publicans and Innkeepers in his small town, as far back as anybody can remember there has always been a Tosscobble behind the bar at the old “Wizard’s Staff” Pub & Inn, and after his dear old Da passed away Roscoe did as was expected by his family, and the rest of the Halfling community in the town, and took over the running of the old “Wizards Staff”.

Turns out Roscoe has a head for business after all, but the business wasn’t quite as prosperous as it perhaps could have been. His sister blamed his constant experimenting with the Pub’s menu, and wondered why he couldn’t leave a menu that had done well by the family to over Hundred years alone. He was constantly trying new dishes, and many of the more conservative of his Halfling clientele stopped coming to the “Wizard’s Staff” “cause the food just too different for our like’n Dontch know!”, this could have been disastrous if it had not been for all the Big’uns, Elves and Dwarves that began frequenting the Inn. Some were residents of the town and others were just passing through on their way from one amazing adventure to another.

Oh the stories, Roscoe loved the stories. These strangers told tales of adventures and foreign lands, and most importantly of new foods, and Roscoe yearned to Experience just some of that excitement … and try all that wonderful food, his home town was just so boring compared to all that.

It wasn’t too long , 5-6 years, before Roscoe was no longer content to spend the entirety of his life within the confines of his home town. So he told his family he was taking a sabbatical and would wonder the countryside looking for and testing new and exciting recipes than he could use send back home to add to the menu at the Inn. He spoke with his eldest sister and she readily agreed to take over at the “Wizards Staff” running the Inn in his absence.

Ahh …this would be a grand adventure, but he was a Halfling after all he had to be Practical about it, he wasn’t about to go tramping around sleeping in the dirt or anything as uncomfortable as that. He scraped together money from his personal fortune and borrowed from the family and bought an old caravan and a draft horse. Then hired the local Dwarven blacksmith, to build a contraption that would allow him to cook almost as easily as he could in the kitchen of the “Wizard’s Staff” and build it into the caravan along with folding counter tops and other storage for the Ingredient he would need to take with him.

Christening the new wagon " Roscoe’s Travelling Food Emporium" He set out to find culinary adventure. He now wanders the roads setting up shop in villages, towns and cities where ever he can and serving quick and amazing meals out of the side of his brightly painted caravan. He often been known to trade a excellent meal to traveler’s for news of new and interesting foods he has yet to sample, or where to obtain hard to find, or exotic ingredients.

Roscoe Tosscobble

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