House Rules

These are some of the house rules that I will be using in my Heroes & Other Worlds Campaign. They have been drawn form various sources on the Web and the various HOW Communities, and especially from my friend Tim Knight another Excellent HOW Gamemaster

The ST bonus to damage is only applicable for weapons you are skilled in; and Daggers do 1d3 (therefore a skilled knife-fighter with a ST8 will do 1d3+3 on a hit)


MUSCLE (3/ST) – used for tests to bend bars, lift gates, press weights etc Every +2 in the skill counts as an effective +1 to ST for the purposes on ST requirements for weapon use, armour wearing, encumberance etc This is bonus does NOT add to ST for the purposes of taking damage or more health-based ST checks (such as resisting poison).

To increase a character’s core statistic (e.g. ST, IQ, DX or EN) costs (100 x new stat) in XP. For example, for Kirchin to raise his ST from 9 to 10 would cost 10 × 100 = 1,000XP


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House Rules

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